Innovative Technology, Superior Results

Openwater's novel lasers, ultrasonics, holographic systems, and groundbreaking device architecture provide diagnostic information, that until now required multi-million dollar scanners found in hospitals, in a low-cost portable form factor which can be used at the point of care.

Openwater is building a next-generation portable neural imaging system to enable early precision stroke detection & routing for rapid thrombectomy which could save millions of lives

Our Developments

Openwater technology uses highly coherent, near-infrared, laser light to measure blood flow inside the human body. Our unique technology enables us to detect this laser light about one million times more efficiently than is possible with traditional approaches. This increase in the amount of detected light allows us to see deeper into the body, with a blood flow fidelity of 0.1%, and with higher precision than with other devices.  We have been running hospital studies with our units in the neuro ICU. 

Over the last 4 years we have built new lasers, cameras, ultrasonic systems and put them together in slimmed down holographic system architectures - we have also designed and built new compute/control systems, electronics boards, firmware, and software to enable scanning of the body and invented and built novel image reconstruction techniques and image visualization software. 

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Technology that can scale

Openwater’s proprietary blood flow technology can be applied to critical issues beyond stroke. Our technologies targeting both diagnostic and therapeutic applications have the potential to change the way we approach patient care.

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