The missing link in better healthcare for all, beyond AI and machine learning, could be in the low cost, portable, read/write, medical imaging systems Openwater is developing. 


We are devising a new generation of portable medical imaging technologies to enable improved access to medical diagnoses and treatments.  The core of our breakthough image quality is in our opto-electronic and holographic systems, and novel lasers that enable our portable system to rival the resolution and image quality of multi-million dollar medical imaging scanners. 

MRI Scan (Kidney)

 Openwater Scan (Kidney)

Openwater Scan Iso-surfaces (Kidney)

High-end Ultrasound Scan (Kidney)

Openwater Imaging of a Kidney

How does it work?

More detail is included in the video links below - In a nutshell, 3 physics keys enable the creation of our breakthrough medical imaging system:

    Key 1: Red and Near-IR light          

    Key 2: Focused Ultrasound    

    Key 3: Holography                   


And 3 new components enable us to harness those 3 physics keys, as well as 25+ patents:

Component 1: Lasers

Component 2: Ultrasonic Chips

Component 3: Camera Chips

We started Openwater with big breadboard optical tables and lots of experimentation which allowed us to define our components and test their performance.  We spent enormous time upfront inventing best ways both to create these components and get them to work together to create a system that could leapfrog current best-in-class medical imaging. 


We then created custom components to enable a shrink (and improvement in performance) and have put them together to create the images shown above. We are now perfecting our system to enable full portable alpha kits shortly.  We are recruiting early access partnerships to enable us to continue develop to meet the most urgent needs in healthcare. 







We have more than 25 patents in process, some that are fully issued or have been published below

  1. Optical imaging in a diffuse medium - link here

  2. Device for optical imaging - link here

  3. Expanding beam optical element - link here

  4. Co-located imaging and display pixel - link here

  5. Optical transformation device for imaging - link here

  6. System and device for optical transformation - link here

Here are a few links to some recent talks on Openwater explaining the technology in more detail. 

Some Earlier Important Talks