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Our team knows firsthand how critical timing is when it comes to brain damage. We are a dedicated group of experts with deep expertise in advanced physics, optics, lasers, ultra-sonics, physics, electronics, medical devices, software and manufacturing.

Having collectively delivered billions of dollars of high-tech products, we are well-positioned to revolutionize neural imaging. 


Creating the future of medical imaging and beyond

We believe that patients have a right to receive critical care in a timely manner.  Stroke does not have to end in death or disability and we aim to provide accurate Point-of-Care information that will change the current statistics of poor stroke outcomes.  Delivering life-saving technologies is at the core of what we do.

A recent 12  minute update on Openwater - Recorded October 20th 2021 at the "Things that will Blow your Mind" panel at the Milken Global 2021 in LA.  starting at 21:30.

An update on an Openwater vision to eliminate 90% of the death and disability from stroke, the #2 killer in the world despite the horror of the pandemic.  Still larger than Covid-19.  One day someone is fine, and the next day never the same.  85 million people globally per year.  We can change this.  Also in R&D efforts are a way to slow Alzheimers progression, bust the stroke-clot in the ambulance and selectively kill cancer cells unlike Chemo or Radiation that impact healthy and cancer in disabling ways.